Controlling Profuse Sweating

Dealing with sweat during work hours is definitely a legitimate problem. It might sound trivial and comical, but the truth is that sweating causes discomfort. Not only to the person who sweats a lot, but also to those who are around them. Whether the sweat smells or not, people will still reel away from someone who has a clearly wet shirt because of the perceived smell. On top of that, it's not a welcoming thought to be in contact with someone else's sweat spots.

In some cases, sweating can be too much that it inflicts a significant blow to productivity. Some people have highly active sweat glands that can release so much sweat with just a small trigger. This triggers generally being heat, whether external or internal. In order to overcome and control excessive sweating, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to avoid awkward and unproductive scenarios caused by sweating.

  1. Work in a cool environment.

This, in the modern setting, is generally a given. Corporate workspaces are practically required by law to use air conditioning systems that can provide a cool working environment for every employee. However, there are ways to make this work even better for those who sweat a lot. For example, if the office is a small one and doesn't use a central air conditioning system, it might be a good idea to ask the boss for relocation to a spot near the air conditioner. This ensures that the immediate cool air coming from the unit is utilized by drastically reducing the temperature around the sweaty individual. If the office has a central air conditioning system, then perhaps it's a good idea to wear thinner fabrics or less layer of clothing, all for the sake of reducing temperature.

  1. Keep spicy food and caffeine intake to a minimum.

These two are known triggers of sweat glands. Understandably, it's difficult for coffee lovers to avoid coffee entirely. They can either minimize their daily coffee consumption or aim for keeping it out of their system through gradual weaning. Some find this sacrifice too much, but ultimately, it's their decision. It's important to remember though, that if too much sweating is a big issue, then they have to understand that sacrifices will be made. Spicy food on the other hand can be a little tricky to avoid especially for people who eat out a lot. Preparing food at home is still a better option health-wise and budget-wise.

  1. De-stress.

With temperature being the primary reason that determines how much you sweat, stress can also be a significant factor. The thing is, stress itself causes the body's internal temperature to increase, especially as the heart starts to beat faster than normal. Getting a good night's sleep is a given, and should be the goal not just of people who sweat a lot but by everyone. There are also other holistic methods of controlling sweat that goes hand in hand in removing stress. Simply go here see how can provide more answers.